May 27, 2009

Showing Off...or On

"Cadmium Light" - 6" x 6" - oil


For the past couple of months I've struggled with themes and thoughts for my solo show. This past weekend, like much of America, we took a trip out of town for Memorial Day weekend. I had about seven hours on the road to think about this show and I still feel like I haven't made much headway. Half of the time I was distracted by the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania and the other half was consumed with visuals of my head exploding into a Jackson Pollock painting if I don't figure this out soon.

I'd like to make the very best of this show because it's my first major gallery exhibition. The plan is to have thirty to forty pieces of various sizes ..."no pressure Steven." I don't know how other artists develop a cohesive body of work. I'm finding it really hard to stay in one place with my work. I'm constantly learning from other artists as well as from my own experiments. I'd love to hear thoughts on putting shows together or what makes a good art show... sound off.


Tracey Clarke said...

I don't think have a cohesive body constitutes "same subject matter throughout." I see clearly the mark of Steven Walker in all your work. I feel this is true cohesiveness.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks for chiming in Tracey! You always come through with wisdom.

ariel freeman said...

I will "second" Tracey's comment. Everything you paint, regardless of subject is identifiable as yours. You have a cohesive theme in all your work... you, your palette, brushwork, and your vision. (And I love every painting). I am having a similar struggle in preparation for my first show at Bistro in August. Initially I thought I had a theme in mind, but found that after working through a few paintings, I needed to do something else. So now I am just painting what feels right at the moment and hoping for a cohesive theme to evolve. Sometimes, I guess it is best for me to follow that inner voice and do paintings as they come. Otherwise, wouldn't be much fun. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you put together.

dominique eichi said...

I agree with them . Your style no matter what you paint say's "You" You could pick city themes or more natural themes within a overhaul body of work, so there is no lone piece but that could be an eye catcher too. Your work is great no matter what you do. Blessings

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