Sep 3, 2008

Old Men are made of Cookie Dough

Case Tractor #2 - 8" x 10" - oil

This past week was a mental uphill battle as I celebrated yet another birthday (how old?...who knows). Getting older can be tough on everyone and especially hard on those who have high expectations for themselves. I spent the first half of the week reflecting and thinking about what, if anything, I've accomplished. The latter part of the week was dedicated to self loathing and a barrage of pity. Don't worry, this story doesn't end with me drowning my sorrows in a tub of raw cookie dough.

I later came across an old book amongst my collection that remained unread. It was the perfect time to read this particular book (kids...Reading is FUNdamental!). The book is titled Art and Fear: Observations on the perils (and rewards) of Artmaking by David Bayles and Ted Orland. If you're a tortured artist or know of one I would highly recommend it. It really put things into perspective and pulled me down off of that ledge.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Funny, the old man next to me on the bus today smelled like he was made out of liquor-soaked, salt-n-vinegar potato chips.
Happy (belated) Birthday.

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