Jun 30, 2008

McGuire Airforce Base Day 2 (part 2)

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Red Rover - 12" x 24" - oil

So there were five artists in a caravan in Princeton, New Jersey looking for a place to eat. No, this is not a joke so don't look for the punchline. This is a continuation from our second day at McGuire Airforce Base. Like I stated in the previous post, TSgt. Sturkol recommended that we head to Princeton to get some good food after we leave the base.

Getting something to eat...sounds simple enough. HA! Oddly enough we didn't get lost while heading to Princeton. We started walking down Nassau St. and out of no where a parade starts. Did that many people realize that we were coming to Princeton...hmmm. It was the Princeton Fire Department Inspection Parade with a long line of emergency vehicles, bagpipers and a marching band.

Initially the idea was to continue to look for a place to eat after the parade passes but Bill brought up an interesting question. What's at the end of a Fire Department Inspection Parade? You guessed it, Beer! Well after running around an obstacle course, convoy exercises and spending hours in a caravan we all were ready for drinks. So we followed the parade and sure enough there it was, the firehouse, lots of food and a sparkling keg. Fortunately Bill is a volunteer firefighter which helped us to avoid crashing the party.

Both the chief and former chief were very nice and even gave us a tour of the firehouse along with patches for each of us. While on our way out the chief informed us of an original Norman Rockwell painting that was hanging in a bar called the Yankee Doodle Taproom. What could we do? We had no choice but to check it out.

There it was! Incredible! Most of the folks in the bar were far too drunk to realize or to appreciate the site behind the bar. We walked around it as if it were made of gold. Before we could take part in the first round of drinks we were encountered by an interesting character. I don't remember her name but she was drunkingly fascinated with who we were. This fascination only heightened once it was known that Bill was the creator of the character Scrat from the movie Ice Age. This tid bit of information went a long way on base as well as in the bar. I was under the firm belief that this "lady" was on the verge of tearing off her clothes while Bill quickly sketched out Scrat. It was oddly hilarious to see "the power of Scrat" in action. We laughed all the way back to the hotel.

More to come....
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