Apr 13, 2008

Farmville...the Saga Continues

"Farmville #323" 5" x 7" - oil

Just last month the little lady and I took a road trip to Farmville, VA, where most of my family resides. I must admit that I did not go with the intention of visiting anyone but to take in the sights of "the country." We drove along all of the roads that I could remember from my visits as a youth (trying not to get lost in the process). Although my motives were geared towards research, it was a lovely day for a drive. Between the two of us we ended up with over two hundred pictures.

Unfortunately I had not been able to dive into painting some of the sights until recently. Not since December of 2006 had I created a painting based on my families home town. If anything it was probably a blessing. Now the series (and the saga) continues. The painting above, "Farmville #323", is the newest of the continuation of the series. Many of these will act as studies for larger paintings that I must complete for my solo show in Fredericksburg, VA this summer.

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